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Previously Asked Questions


Who are the 144,000? How can I claim to love God when I fall so easily? What is the Christian description of God?
Is homosexuality really a sin? Praying to God and Jesus? Communication with our children?
Door to the high calling open or closed? Time span between raising of Lazarus & Jesus? Is it possible to fall from grace?
Is name calling ever appropriate? Who promotes Christian Questions? Who is Paul?
Explain the Antichrist? Jesus being the image of God but not deity? A question about marriage vows?
Why did God initiate war in the OT? How to respond about the Bible's Integrity? Why was Jesus' tomb borrowed?
One family of God? Where are angels-do we have guardian angels? An eye for an eye or vengeance is mine?
An Antichrist Government - Is there a rapture? The color of Adam's skin? How can Matthew 18 be applied?
Should one settle with the thought of Hell? Is marital relations required in my marriage? What part do animals play in God's plan?
Is one Bible translation better than another? Communication with a married man? Should we move in togetherr?
Was Jesus an angel before he was on earth? Scriptures About dating or Betraying Friends? Bible Reference about eating Children?
What was the Light in Gen. 1:3? What is the difference between old & new wine? Is Plastic surgery a sin?
Moses' and Aaron's sin? Salvation for gentiles after the Rapture? Why was Jesus buried in a new tomb?
Why did Jesus refer to Gentiles as dogs? How do we know the Bible is God's Word? Deal with someone who hurt our Feelings?
Married and unmarried people and Fornication? Is it a Sin to be Baptized more than once? Was Abraham a Jew?
Is Final Destination Same for All Christians? Can a New Christian Divorce & Remarry? What if I don't Feel Like Going to Church?
Why God Didn't Tell Jesus Return Date? Is Satan Real? Did God work on the 7th day?
Satan Released After 1000 Years? Christians and Guns? Who is the faithful & discrete slave?
When a baby is born? Should women work outside the home? Faith vs. Works?
A question about Contemporary Service About David's prophecy in Psalms 16? Question about Cheating Spouse
Will world end in 2017? Do Not Resist an Evil Person? Jesus and OT Observances?
Did God Create other Humans before Adam? How was Philip caught away? Where did Enoch & Elijah go?
Christians Lending money for Profit? Why is the Bible So Important? Difference between Soul & Spirit?
Is Jesus Also God? Meaning of praying in Jesus' Name? Knowing to whom or what a prophecy refers?
Gold as clear as glass? Not feeling the Holy Spirit? Should Christians practice the law of Moses?
Third heaven or third dispensation? 4 Questions from Liz? Comparing Noah's day to ours?
Comment on Col. 2:9? When did Joseph, Mary's husband die? Jesus...A Pine Tree?
What about medical Marijuana? How do you surrender fully to God? Meaning of water in John 3.5?
The time and day of visitation? Does God punish for repeated lying? Is dancing against Religion?
Explain Romans 9:23? Church able to contact earthly family? Were Cain and Abel twins?
Raised up on Last Day? The Seed of the Woman? Why was Jesus Baptized?
How does God view Marijuana? Why was Paul told not to Preach in Asia? What is the meaning of the white stone?
About respecting your Boss? Best English Bible Translation? Consecration and Baptism?
Questions in Daniel - Chapter 12? Does everyone have an Angel? A question about Forgiveness?
About John's Baptism? Carnal man letting Jesus into their heart? Is study of comparitive Religions good?
Why was Jesus dead only parts of 3 days? How old is Earth & were there dinosaurs? Meaning of being baptized for the dead?
About stumbling fellow brethren? Why Christians don't mention Bilderberg Group? Question about Classic KJV Bible?
How many soldiers guarded Jesus' tomb? Singing praises to The Lord? Baptism not necessary?
Why the bronze snake on a pole? Should Christians wear Rosary Beads? What did Christ really do for me?
Why are the animals dying? Should I pray about abusive relationship? What If a Christian Leader is arrested?
What about "Born Again" Christians? Can you explain 1 Tim.2:5-6? Forgiveness of Sins-RE: John 20:23?
Was the Holocaust main reason for WW2? Marriage between first cousins? What about the re-institution of Passover?
What is the unpardonable sin? What is an Evangelist? Who are the dead in Isaiah 26:14?
Who are the swine in Matthew 7:6? Should a Christian tithe? Baptized into or with Holy Spirit?
Is Jesus also The Father? For the sake of the Elect? Least in the Kingdom of Heaven?
A Wiccan ritual to Bless a House? Absent from the body? Rebuking Sin and Forgiveness?
Resurrection of Judgement? Will I see my dog again? Should I swear to tell the Truth?
Are prophets still needed? Which concordance is best? About Abusive Marriage & Divorce?
Do angels have wings? Is Jesus the Son of God? What is Genuine Salvation?
Why was Jesus dead part of 3 days? How did Adam's apple get its name? Martin Luther a Messenger to the Church?
What are the 7 Spirits of Revelation? Is the "Time of the Jew" past? What is the Mark of the Beast?
Question about the Abrahamic Covenant? Question about the Church & the tree of Life? Do Jews convert before Christ can return?
Why did God let 6 Million Jews die in WWII? Are Goliath & fallen angels related somehow? What is the meaning of Hell?
Is it a sin for a woman to cut her hair? Have I committed the unforgivable sin? What is the meaning of Mat. 24:28?
What does the Bible say about Slavery? Is drinking water allowed during a fast? Are Cain and Abel Twins?
Question About Verbal Abuse? Are tattoos sinful? Can a child born out of wedlock go to heaven?
What denomination is Christian Questions? Do animals have rights? Meaning of 1 Cor. 7:36?
When was the 1st Passover? Where is the Ark of the Covenant today? Who was Melchizedek?
Is pork unclean meat? Where will children be resurrected to? Dealing with emotional, abusive husband?
Who are the swine in Matt. 7:6? Is it a sin to have a crush? What is the New World Order?
Was Adam condemned to Hell? Will there be 1 or 2 Resurrections of the dead? Should Christians pray the mosquito prayer?
Question about demon Possession? Can diseases be cured by prayer? How can I pray to grow Spiritually?
How much should I worry about sin? How might I pray about a drug addiction? Question about Joseph and Mary?
Are the numbers 1,2 and 3 significant? Can you harmonize 1Thess 4:17 & Rev 21:2? Healer Asks for Advice
Wanting God but addicted to sex? When was Jesus Actually born? Confess Sins to God or a Priest?
Does Christ mediate as man or divine being? Fate of the Unrobed Wedding Banquet Guest? Is Praying to save my marriage wrong?
Why pray for God's will to be done? Do the Bible Students believe God is a Trinity? Emotional reasons to reject the Gospel?
How did the original skin color change? Would Jesus approve of Police Departments? Are There living Prophets Today?
Adultery and Remarriage? Are Angels Mortal? Immoral Thoughts against God?
How do you identify a wolf in sheeps clothing? The fate of the unprofitable servant in Matt. 25? What will the Millennium be like?
Who was Cain's wife? Why was Capernaum accountable? What does it mean to Love one another?
Can you explain 2 Thess. 1: 4-12? What about 1 Peter 4:17,18? Why doesn't God show His physical presence?
About living in sin? Why did the Jews reject Jesus as Messiah?