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theWord Bible Study Software

Perhaps the best Free Bible Study Program currently available. Similar in appearance, functionality and ease of use to E-sword, (another Free Bible Study package) and yet theWord has many options that are not available in E-sword or other well known Bible Software that must be purchased. Upgrades and other add-on modules are soon to be released and will be made available here. You will first need to download the Installation file, then you will be able to download the available bibles, commentaries, dictionaries etc. The author has a new website in the making and we will link to it when it is ready. Here is the link to the existing site,,, theWord Bible Software Website

theWord Installation File

Right click on the link at the right and choose "Save Target As"...Choose a temporary folder to save the file to. Go to that folder and run the setup file.

theWord (version Latest Upgrade File

(Must already have at least ver3 installed)


theWord Import-Conversion File

If you have E-sword modules that you would like to use with theWord, you will need the Import-Conversion utility file at the right.


theWord Bible Modules











Bible Students Library 3 - Contents File Bible Students Library 3 - Complete Library in Compressed rar Format
Download Contents File Download Library.rar File
Right click the link and SAVE TARGET AS [ File size:1MB ] Right click the link and SAVE TARGET AS [ File size: 3GB ]



Study to show thyself approved...2 Timothy 2:15


"Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."