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Has Wisdom Been Forgotten? 01/03/2010 How Should a Christian Relate to War? 01/10/2010
Is Oil Really Important? 01/17/2010
Haitian quake-Could God Have Stopped it? 01/24/2010
Are You Armed For Battle? 01/31/2010
Is Christian Love Different? 02/07/2010
Does it have to be 'till death do we part? 02/14/2010  Does The Holy Spirit Speak? 02/21/2010
Should it be Choice or Life? 02/28/2010  Does Delay Equal Disaster? 03/07/2010
How Big of a Burden is Bitterness? 03/14/2010 Do You Always Watch What You Say? 03/21/2010
How Did Jesus Prepare? 03/28/2010 His Ransom, Our Redemption 04/04/2010
Are WE Taking God's Name in Vain? 04/11/2010 Exactly What Does it Take to be Godly? 04/18/2010
How Should a Christian View Politics? 04/25/2010 How Do We Cope With Personal Loss? 05/02/2010
What Makes A Mom? 05/09/2010 Is God Biased? 05/16/2010
Is God Biased? (Part 2) 05/23/2010 What Makes A Christian Leader? 05/30/2010
Is YOUR Foundation Solid? 06/06/2010 Why Do We Pray? 06/13/2010
What Makes A Dad? 06/20/2010 What's Next for Israel in Prophecy? 06/27/2010
One Nation Under...Who? 07/04/2010 Who Sets Our Moral Standards? 07/11/2010
Are You Ashamed of the Gospel? 07/18/2010 Where Else Would We Go? 07/25/2010
What's Next For Israel In Prophecy? (2) 07/25/2010 Will God Save The Earth? Part 1 08/08/2010
Will God Save The Earth? Part 2 08/15/2010 What About Hell? 08/22/2010
Murmur Much? 08/29/2010 What's MY Role? 09/05/2010
Are We Hard Hearted? 09/12/2010 Can Faith & Reason Work Together? 09/19/2010
How Fruitful Is Your Life? 09/26/2010 Who Is My Neighbor? 10/03/2010
Did God Ever Sanction Slavery? 10/10/2010 Does God Even Need Us? 10/17/2010
Does God Exist? 10/24/2010 Should Halloween Make Us Happy? 10/31/2010
The Great Pyramid? 11/07/2010 Do money and the Gospel belong together? 11/14/2010
How do you find Jesus? 11/21/2010 Got Gratutude? 11/28/2010
What About Revenge? 12/05/2010 So. do you think you're Holy? 12/12/2010
What do You Want? 12/19/2010 Where is the Real Christmas? 12/26/2010
Does your Paradigm need shifting? 01/02/2011 Who gets Saved? 01/09/2011
What About Angels? 01/16/2011 Is Right always Right? 01/23/2011
Who Needs Baptism? 01/30/2011 Are All sins forgivable? 02/06/2011
What about Love & Marriage? 02/13/2011 What about Demons? 02/20/2011
Should you ever "befriend" dishonesty? 02/27/2011 Middle East Meltdown? 03/06/2011
Are children people too? 03/13/2011 Is the Japan earthquake part of God's plan? 03/20/2011
Islam-Christianity; What's the difference? 03/27/2011 Islam-Christianity; Part 2  04/03/2011
What about Praise? 04/10/2011 Why Jesus? Why the Passover? 04/17/2011
Glory to God! Christ is Risen! 04/24/2011 Can unbelievers still be saved? 05/01/2011
Why did Jesus say He would Return? 05/08/2011 Is Jesus returning on May 21, 2011? 05/15/2011
Does God's Word ever fail? 05/22/2011 What about Suicide? 05/29/2011
What can we learn from kids? 06/05/2011 So What's the story with Jonah? 06/12/2011
Does God Waste the Seeds of the Gospel? 06/19/2011 Will God extend your life if you ask Him? 06/26/2011
Does God Bless America? 07/03/2011 Can Bitter become Sweet? 07/10/2011
Am I Immortal? 07/17/2011 Should Israel belong to the Palestinians? 07/24/2011
Does Christian sacrifice mean Everything? 07/31/2011 Is Hell Real? 08/07/2011
Where can we find True Hope? 08/14/2011 Should we support gay marriage? 08/21/2011
Is the Bible Literal or Symbolic? 09/04/2011 Finding Courage 9/11 10th Anniversary 09/11/2011
What is the object of the Gospel Message? 09/18/2011 How strong is Your Foundation? 09/25/2011
Do people Really Listen when you speak? 10/02/2011 Does the Bible make women 2nd class citizens? 10/09/2011
Is Judgment Day coming THIS week? 10/16/2011 Is the Devil Real? 10/23/2011
Can White Witchcraft be Good? 10/30/2011 Who gets elected - By The Spirit, that is? 11/06/2011
Do the unborn have rights? 11/13/2011 Is NOW the time for Divine Healing? 11/20/2011
How do you live Thankfully? 11/27/2011 Does Everyone need Faith? 12/04/2011
Is your life by Accident? 12/11/2011 Born in a stable He saved the World! 12/18/2011
Should I be Committed? Part 1 01/01/2012 Does God Play Favorites? 01/08/2012
Should I be Committed? Part 2 01/15/2012 Does the Gospel Produce Wealth? 01/22/2012
How dangerous are Demons? 01/29/2012 Does God play Favorites? Part 2 02/05/2012
Are there Secrets to staying in Love? 02/12/2012 Are the Christian & Jewish Sabbath the same? 02/19/2012
Are Angels our Friends? 02/26/2012 Where is God when tragedy Strikes? 03/04/2012
Is Slavery Acceptable to God? 03/11/2012 What does forgiveness do for us? 03/18/2012
Not available in Summary Version 03/25/2012 What's so special about Palm Sunday? 04/01/2012
Not available in Summary Version 04/08/2012 How is Christian love different? 04/15/2012
Should we ever seek vengeance? 04/22/2012 What makes a fit Christian Leader? 04/29/2012
Have YOU ever been a Prodigal son? 05/06/2012 How does the Holy Spirit work? 05/13/2012
What can we learn from Peter? Part 1 05/20/2012 Armageddon! When and Where? 05/27/2012
Are Christians God's Superhero Avengers? 06/03/2012 What can we learn from Peter? Part 2 06/10/2012
Is the Gospel working or failing? 06/17/2012 Where do you find true Happiness? 06/24/2012
What does Freedom mean to you? 07/01/2012 Is your time running out? 07/08/2012
What can we learn from Peter? Part 3 0715/2012 Are YOU a Prejudiced Christian? 0722/2012
Is Christianity a Cult? 0729/2012 Why didn't God stop movie theater massacre? 08/05/2012
Are Christians competing for Gold? 08/12/2012 Did Jesus die for All or Just a Few? 08/19/2012
Was God's Law really Fair? 08/26/2012 Who gets their prayers answered? 09/02/2012
Why so many Christian Denominations? 09/09/2012 Did God create or did we evolve? 09/16/2012
Are Muslims & Christians Compatible? 09/23/2012 Complain Much? 09/30/2012
Communicate Much? 10/07/2012 Are Muslims & Christians Compatible? Part 2 10/14/2012
Got Armor? 10/21/2012 Why do we celebrate death & witchcraft? 10/28/2012
Who is God's Candidate? 11/04/2012 Are women as important as men? 11/11/2012
Is your hope real? 11/18/2012 How do you live with Gratitude? 11/25/2012
Do our bad habits control us? 12/02/2012 How reliable are your promises? 12/09/2012
Were the Mayans right? 12/16/2012 Hope in the Face of Tragedy? 12/23/2012
New Year-New Beginning-Now What? 12/30/2012 What does God want from me? 01/06/2013
Can Gay Rights & Christianity Co-exist? 01/13/2013 Should you Not be a Christian? Part 1 01/20/2013
What rights/privacy should children have? 01/27/2013 Does God forgive suicide? 02/03/2013
Is Marriage Really Needed? 02/10/2013 Will Israel & Iran Go to War? 02/17/2013
Should you NOT be a Christian? Part 2 02/24/2013 How do we manage guilt? 03/03/2013
Should Christianity be emotional? 03/10/2013 Should you Not be a Christian? Part 3 03/17/2013
Palm Sunday - What's the Real Story? 03/24/2013 Not available in Summary Version 04/01/2013
Are most people really hellbound Part 1? 04/07/2013 Can a Christian thrive in this world of evil? 04/14/2013
What happens on Judgment Day? 04/21/2013 What drives Christian Faith? 04/28/2013


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